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An interactive scenario-based short course to provide anti-bribery training.

Click and reveal

A fun click and reveal interaction using layers and states to reveal more information about objects on a slide.


Articulate challenge #167 is about using Rotoscoping animation in e-learning.


An interactive scenario-based short course about three simple rules to effective leadership.

Animated Character

Articulate Challenge #163 to share an example of character animation in e-learning.

Printing notes

In this example learners can enter their notes and then print it by clicking an icon. Click here to see how it works in action.  

Writing a successful CV

Click here to see the Demo here. This one-hour e-learning course is for job seekers who need to create a successful CV

Interactive Video Quiz

Articulate challenge #157 is about using  video quizzes in e-learning.

YouTube annotation

Click here to see the Interactive instructional video created with YouTube annotations.

Training Solution

This proposal was completed with another graduate student at FSU to participate in AECT

Job/ Task Analysis

This job/ task analysis was completed as an assignment for “introduction to instructional systems” course in fall 2014.

Leadership Plan

This leadership plan was completed as an assignment for the course “Intercultural Dialogue and Leadership

Research paper

In 2015, I volunteered as a graduate research assistant to conduct a concurrent validity

Evaluation Model

I constructed this evaluation model based on Stufflebeam’s CIPP model, Kirkpatrick model, and Brinkerhoff model.

Formative Evaluation Report

This formative evaluation report is part of a project completed during fall 2015