I have profound knowledge and understanding of the best pedagogical practices and effective educational technologies to find efficient and cost-effective learning solutions. I enjoy the challenges of creating instructional materials for a variety of clients that support diverse delivery types, including instructor-led, game-based, e-learning, and mobile app training. I am also interested to create and evaluate game-based instructional materials to enhance cognitive and metacognitive competencies and improve performance.

Throughout my Master’s program I worked as a graduate research assistant and took some volunteering positions to hone my research skills and improve my understanding of systemic design and systematic development of instruction by doing a variety of activities like performing system analysis, job/ task analysis, writing objectives and assessment items.  I also constructed my own evaluation model using the ideas presented in Reiser’s Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology (2011) and formed my personal learning theory based on prominent theories of learning, cognition, and instruction.

I am eager to use my knowledge and skills to create innovative and high quality learning interventions to help individuals and organisations optimise their performance in an engaging environment.